Our Approach



Comprehensive: We focus on the needs and development of the whole child through services that are offered year-round, extending from the school day in to the evening, throughout the summer and during school breaks.

Variety of Services: We offer a wide variety of services and programs to appeal to different ages, interests and needs of the youth. This variety exposes youth to new opportunities and makes it possible for kids to find their “spark” that ignites a passion for learning. By engaging youth in learning in one area, whether it is arts, robotics, basketball or gardening, staff can then teach skills and share important lessons that will transfer to other areas of learning.

Proven: Intentional programming, evaluation and continuous improvement are essential to ensuring a positive impact. We know that regular attendees do better in school (attendance, behavior and coursework), make healthier choices than their peers and contribute thousands of hours of service to their community.

Experts in our field: Our staff members engage in training throughout the year to ensure they are knowledgeable in youth development, the communities we serve, and best practices for helping kids succeed.

Collaborative: We have a long history of collaborating with other agencies, schools and businesses in the community. These partnerships allow us to enhance our current programming, offer new programs for our members, share community resources, provide referrals to meet the needs of families, and increase the number of trained professionals and volunteers working in the Clubs with the youth.

Innovative: We have the ability to quickly adopt new programs, provide new opportunities for youth, or develop partnerships and services based on specific needs. We are open to trying new things to benefit the kids.

Responsive: Although we are nationally recognized, Boys & Girls Clubs is locally run – allowing every site to be responsive to the specific needs of the neighborhood and youth served. Clubs also support families to ensure the basic needs of the individual children are met – everything from meals to clothing to screenings to referrals.

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