Royal Theater Club Pick Up: Lakeview Fundamental, Perkins Elementary, Sanderlin Elementary, Midtown Academy, Thurgood Fundamental, and Maximo Elementary.

Northside Club Pick Up: Bay Vista Elementary, Bay Point Elementary, Jamerson Elementary, Mt Zion Academy, Campbell Park Elementary, Melrose Elementary and Bay Point Middle School.

Pinellas Park Club Pick Up: Cross Bayou Elementary, Pinellas Park Elementary, Rawlings Elementary, Skyview Elementary, Pinellas Central Elementary, Classical Christian School of the Arts Elementary and Middle School, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Westgate Elementary, Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School, Pinellas Park Middle School, Pinellas Park High School, Tyrone Middle School, and  Dixie Hollins High School. 

Ridgecrest Club Pick Up: Ridgecrest Elementary

Wood Valley Club Pick Up: Eisenhower Elementary, McMullen Booth Elementary, and Chi Chi Academy.

Tarpon Springs Club Pick Up: Sunset Hills Elementary and Tarpon Springs Elementary. 


Each of our Club locations transport Club members from school to their Club. Transportation is also provided to our Club members for field trips. 
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