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About the Partnership

Effective October 18, 2023, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast (BGCS), a leading youth service organization in Pinellas County, merged with Earn to Learn FL (ETLFL), an education program that combines personal finance training with scholarship opportunities. This allows BGCS to serve as a bridge from high school graduation to young adults up to 24 years of age. 

With a focus on educational success and life skill development, the Earn to Learn FL model will remain intact and provide its core program components to Boys & Girls Clubs members.

Graduation Ceremony
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Brenda Tate

Founder, Earn to Learn FL

Brenda Tate is a long-time community leader who has served in support of causes ranging from education and conservation to human trafficking and transportation. Brenda routinely works behind the scenes to create strategic alliances and strong partnerships by fostering effective collaboration to get the jobs done, including raising money, securing legislation, and negotiating deals to fulfill the missions of worthy causes. Besides founding Earn to Learn FL, she was the founder of the Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation.


Brenda routinely works behind the scenes to create strategic alliances and strong partnerships by fostering effective collaboration to get the jobs done, ranging from raising money, securing legislation, or negotiating deals to fulfill the missions of worthy causes.


Program Model

STEP ONE : Application Process

Complete the online pre-application form. Eligible students are directed to complete Personal Finance Training.

STEP TWO : Finance Training

Students complete Personal Finance Training and are invited to complete the full application.

“It has made it possible for me to go to school and continue to earn a college degree. Without this scholarship I would not have been able to attend college. It has helped me learn how to budget my money properly and be wise.”

Jacob Rivera

STEP THREE: Full Application

Once Personal Finance Training is complete students continue to full application to confirm eligibility.

STEP FOUR: Application Review

Applications are reviewed and students receive notification of approval.

“ETLFL has helped me with my college journey by explaining things I didn’t understand and answering any questions I had.” 

Maricela Espinosa


STEP FIVE: Peer Success Coach

Students connect with a Near Peer Success Coach to Open your Florida 529 Savings Plan. Monthly deposits are made before your academic enrollment

STEP SIX: Scholarship

Students meet their Earn to Learn FL™ savings goal and receive the Earn to Learn FL™ Scholarship.


“ETLFL has changed my life. College expenses can be a burden. With the scholarship, I can focus on my studies without stressing about finances.”

Herbney Niace

“I have no words to describe the positive impact that ETLFL has had on my life. Thanks to them I feel motivated every day to be a better student and learn more; it has allowed me to hope for a better future. I arrived in this country five years ago with the dream of having a College degree and I am grateful that ETLFL has always been there to support me in reaching that goal.” 

Jonathan Valencia

High School Student
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