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Local Initiatives that Make a Difference

We recognize that every community, just like every Club, is unique. Through extensive research in our County and State, along with addressing the needs in our neighborhoods, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast has focused on key areas intended to help our children and teens succeed beyond what traditional Club programming provides.

Leading through Literacy

Imagine reading like building a tower. The Science of Reading is like the instruction manual for building that tower. It helps us understand how we learn to read and what goes on in our brains when we read.

There are different parts to the Science of Reading tower. One part is understanding the sounds that letters make (we call this phonics). Another part is knowing what words mean (we call this vocabulary). Also, we need to put words together to make sentences that make sense (we call this comprehension). So, the Science of Reading is all about figuring out how to put these parts together to become great readers.

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Club Re-Imagined

Club Re-Imagined is a fully virtual Boys & Girls Club experience and social hub held inour own Discord server. Club members meet online from 5-8pm to participate in club activities, games, and tutoring.

Youth are encouraged to express themselves in positive and creative ways in a virtual and diverse community that includes: online party games, discussions about art, music, sports, etc.; learning new life skills; college readiness assistance; academic support; community service projects; and opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Future Leaders

Future Leaders is a program designed for Club Members between the ages of 13-18 years. It is a practical small-group program that assists teens in exploring both a career in youth development or other human services from their day-to-day work as a youth staff member, as well as career exploration into various other industries and developing the skills needed to be successful in the workforce.

The program will provide members with age-appropriate skill-building opportunities from their hands-on Club work experience in four areas as well: career development, apprenticeship, customer service, and community service.

Culinary Program

The Cooking Club engages teens in the kitchen through basic culinary training. Club Members have the opportunity to learn kitchen and cooking techniques, create and test recipes, and share their freshly prepared meals with the Club. The Culinary Program is a great way to expose teens to potential careers in hospitaltiy and food service!

Life Hub

LifeHub is a financial literacy program that encourages kids and teens to explore learning modules of a wide variety of topics and subjects. Students have the opportunity to learn more about a subject, event, or career that interests them and are rewarded for their explorations by earning cash upon successful completion of each module. The cash loaded onto the card can be used at any retail establishment and can be saved from month to month giving students insight into budgeting money for larger purchases.

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