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Youth of the Year

What is Youth of the Year?

For 75 years, the Youth of the Year program has honored and celebrated the nation’s most inspiring teens and their incredible journeys. Stories of outstanding leadership, service, academic excellence and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle have made Youth of the Year America’s premier leadership and recognition program for teens. These amazing young people represent the voice and spirit of hope for America. Inspiring all kids to lead. To succeed. To inspire.

Each year, one exceptional Club member is selected to be the National Youth of the Year, serving as an ambassador for Boys & Girls Club youth as well as a voice for all of our nation’s young people. Over the decades, these individuals have exemplified the Boys & Girls Club mission and are proof to the impact Clubs make in transforming and saving kids’ lives. National Youth of the Year winners have achieved success in a variety of industries, including entertainment, politics, business and sports.



Age: 14
The Salvation Army

Jenna has been a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs since the grand opening of the Salvation Army Club. She enjoys learning from the staff and says that Mr. Corey is her favorite staff member. 

Since becoming a member of the Boys and Girls Clubs, Jenna says that her social skill and academics have improved greatly. When Jenna grows up, she would like to be a travel nurse!

“I would tell any kid interested in being a future Youth of the Year to be a leader, not a follower. Do your work and be respectful. That how your show role model behavior and set a good example for your peers.” 



Age: 17
Pinellas Park

Anizette is a repeat Youth of the Year recipient. She has been attending the Pinellas Park Club for over five years! Anizette’s enjoys interacting with staff and being a great role model for younger members. She helps Ms. Janet with daily tasks and enjoys stepping up when assistance is needed.


Anizette loves coming to the Club and even views it a s safe space. “Even when I am dealing with problems at home, the Club gives me a space to just be a kid,” shares Anizette.

When Anizette grows up, she would like to be a Cosmetologist or a Second Grade Teacher.

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Meet the Candidates


Age: 15
Royal Theater

Sinai has been attending the Club for 11 years! Her favorite Club activities includes helping out with the "Littles" and completing task for the staff. Last summer, she even participated in our Future Leaders Program. 

"I met people at the Club who make me feel like it's okay to be myself. Always stay true to who you are. Everything that makes you different makes you unique." 

When Sinai grows up she would like to be a Product Marketing Manager.



Age: 13
Tarpon Springs

Kaleb has been a Club Kid at our Tarpon Springs Club since last summer! He enjoys coming to the Club regularly to hang out with friends and participate in arts and crafts programming. 

Before attending the Club, Kaleb shared that he was shy and timid. Now, he believes his social skills have improved greatly. 

When Kaleb grows up, he would like to be a Professional Gamer! 



Age: 18
Pinellas Park

Bailey has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club since 2010!


Bailey likes to read and draw in her free time. She also enjoys volunteering at the Pinellas Park Boys & Girls Club and helping with the five and six-year-olds.


Mental health awareness is very important to Bailey and she has plans to further her education and do great work as a Child Psychologist.



Age: 13
Azalea Middle School

Maia has been attending the Azalea Club since last summer! Although she participates in extracurricular activities provided by the school, she enjoys attending the Club regularly to connect with peers and staff.

When she grows up, Maia would like to be an FBI agent. 

"My advice to any kid my age," says Maia, "would be to just be you, and be the best you can be."


Age: 15

Belle has been attending the Wood Valley Club for over two years! She enjoys coming to the Club because it's a "cool, positive place with nice kids." This summer, she participated in our Future Leaders program to gain work experience and a stipend at the end of the summer. 

Coming to the Club has greatly improved Belle's mental health and enhanced her social emotional learning. 

When Belle grows up, she would like to be an Animator or a Musician.



Junior Youth of the Year
Age: 11
Royal Theater

Aniyah is an 11-year-old from Perkins Elementary School, Center for the Arts and International Studies. She has been a club kid for over three years!


Aniyah loves doing arts & crafts while at the club. She enjoys helping Ms. Sara and Ms. Roselyn with the younger kids with our literacy program and setting up activities.


She has made the principal’s list every year starting in the 3rd grade. Aniyah dreams of getting her degree from Harvard Medical school to become an Anesthesiologist.



Junior Youth of the Year
Age: 13
Pinellas Park

Jayden was awarded Pinellas Park Club’s Junior Youth of the Year award! Jayden has been a Club member since 2019. His favorite part of being a Club kid is playing video games with his friends.


Since becoming a member, Jayden has improved his reading and spelling skills with the help of our tutors.



Junior Youth of the Year
Age: 9
Tarpon Springs

Lila has been attending the Tarpon Springs Club since last summer! She loves playing with her friends on the new playground and talking with her peers and staff. 

Lila is a big advocate against bullying. She believes this is a large part of the reason she was selected as Junior Youth of the Year. When Lila grows up, she would like to own her own animal rescue with her cousin! 

Charles "Chuck"

Junior Youth of the Year
Age: 12

Chuck has been attending the Wood Valley Club for over three years!  He attends the Club regularly and is an active participants in many of the programs offered.


"I learn a lot at the Club," says Chuck. "I get help with homework when I need it."

When Chuck grows up, he would like to be a Soccer Player or a YouTuber. 

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